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14/01/2017 at Llangynidr

Great views of ten Waxwings in Llangynidr this morning. Nice to see the the two Mike W's again should be plenty more close-ups to come!!
Added by Steve and Sue Wilce. at 14/01/2017 16:18

14/01/2017 at Brecon

3 Waxwing in Belle Vue Gardens.
Added by Mark Waldron at 14/01/2017 11:25

13/01/2017 at Llangynidr village centre

Eight Waxwing in the roadside berried-hedge opposite the Village Hall, 2.15pm. Near the recycling skips. Just passing, so no chance to check for colour-rings. Keith and I will try to find some more for those on the Bird Walk tomorrow!
Added by Andrew King at 13/01/2017 17:51

13/01/2017 at Brecon

One Waxwing briefly in Belle Vue Gardens at 3.30, but join the Birdwalk at the Lake tomorrow.
Added by Keith Noble at 13/01/2017 15:47

10/01/2017 at Roadside field North of Llyswen on right.

2 Egrets which I assume to be Cattle Egrets. The assumption is based on the fact that they were spotted in a field full of cattle and busying themselves pecking in the surrounding mud. No binoculars to hand to confirm other identification features. [Valmai - thanks. See Alan's post of 26.12.2016 who had several Little Egrets in that field. Suspect that is the species you saw, but I shall check asap as there is a national influx of cattle Egret at present.VAK].
Added by Valmai Williams at 11/01/2017 19:34

10/01/2017 at South Brecs

Again very quiet about. Several Bullfinches and 4 Redpolls near Carn yr Arian. Cwm Llia birdless/silent except for a couple of corvids - similarly at the Usk Reservoir where just 2 Cormorants and a Pied Wagtail were noted. Several Fieldfares were near Crai Village and a flock of 40 others seen near Trecastle (here a Dipper on the river) An occasional Kite, Buzzard and a small gathering of Ravens near the Crai Reservoir.
Added by Bob and Gwil Griffiths at 10/01/2017 19:43

07/01/2017 at Buckland Hill

Yesterday, had 12-15 Brambling with 10 Chaffinch under beeches in the wood. Also Gt, Coal, LT Tits, GS Woodpecker, Buzzard. Hill also quiet - pr Stonechat are still there flycatching from bracken in mild temps.
Added by Andrew King at 08/01/2017 17:21

07/01/2017 at Llangorse Lake

Brecon today didnt see Waxwings either :( But late visit to Langorse (lakeside Common) yesterday afforded several minutes of spectacular Starling murmurations - 30K plus birds in huge widely dispersed cloud forming into dense black ball before shapeshifting. Clear silhoutte of raptor (probably Sparrowhawk) flying just below them and making lunging attacks into the centre unsuccessfully before flying off. GWE fishing opp Llangasty plus large nos Shoveler, Coot, Mutes, Cormorant Goldeneye etc on Lake and Kingfisher in reedbed (first time I've seen one there).
Added by Shelley Evans at 08/01/2017 16:47

05/01/2017 at Llangasty

Delighted to see several birders have found the Waxwings in Brecon - but not me! Returned to a more reliable venue - 4 Gt White Egrets seen simultaneously, 1 L Egret, 37 Shoveler, and 85 Snipe.
Added by Andrew King at 05/01/2017 19:00

05/01/2017 at Brecon

I paid a cursory visit to Belle Vue Gardens after shopping in Brecon today and there are still seven Waxwings frequenting the area, in particular Mount Street School. I had a pleasant conversation with the very nice headmistress about the Waxwings and she asked me for a photograph and details of where the birds have come from, in an effort to get the small children interested, (You can't start 'em too young)! However, on a more sobering note she politely requested that people don't hang around and in particular take photos when the children are out in the playground, which is quite frequently. Sadly these days we have to accept that everyone's intentions are not honourable. Just thought I'd appraise people of a potentially delicate situation.
Added by Steve Wilce. at 05/01/2017 14:40

04/01/2017 at Glasbury garden

2 Marsh Tits and a very belligerant solitary Fieldfare still protecting apples and berries from other birds - it's been around since before Christmas even had a go at a Pheasant.
Added by Shelley Evans at 04/01/2017 23:04

04/01/2017 at Southern reservoirs

At Talybont Res. 16 Little Grebe, 1m Pochard, 4 Mallard and a group of 4 Jay flew accross the road. Neuadd Res. just 1 Redpoll, 2 Raven, 2 Stonechat, 1 Wren and a group of 7 Coal Tit. Pentwyn Res. 1 GC Grebe and 6 Goldeneye. (Just a single waxwing reported in Brecon today near the school).
Added by Mark Waldron at 04/01/2017 17:03

27/12/2016 at Gwaunceste hill, Glascwn

short-eared owl, pair of jack snipes
Added by Shawn Morris at 03/01/2017 22:13

03/01/2017 at Fan Brycheiniog

Carrion Crow, Snipe and 4 Raven were found on a 3.5 hour walk up to a blast frozen Fan Frycheiniog and Fan Foel. Only the Ravens were above the scarp. I have often wondered how they can support themselves up there but a few bread scraps and half a salted peanut in the stone shelter near the trig point indicates that there is enough food left by walkers to supplement the scant natural pickings.
Added by Gareth Rees at 03/01/2017 17:04

03/01/2017 at Brecon

A dozen Waxwings at first light had increased to at least 17 by mid-day, but not seen since
Added by Keith Noble at 03/01/2017 15:46

03/01/2017 at Brecon

At least 3 Waxwings still feeding around Belle Vue Gardens this morning.
Added by Mark Waldron at 03/01/2017 09:42

02/01/2016 at Llanwrthwl

A lone Waxwing now in Llanwrthwl, down from yesterdays 6. The single bird is much more wary, spending its time high up in the trees rather than perched in the open. This is probably due to the local Sparrowhawk. Also seen - Grey Wagtail, and pairs of Bullfinch and Greenfinch.
Added by Steve Jones at 02/01/2017 21:23

02/01/2017 at Llangasty

After seeing 3 of the Waxwings around the hospital grounds this morning I moved on to Llangasty. While scoping one of the Great-white Egrets opposite Llangasty car park on the north side of the lake (present 12:05-13:25) a Robin dropped at my feet and eventually accepted a piece of bread from my hand - looks as if someone has done a good job of training this bird to hand feeding. I also noted two Little Egrets and scoped a large gathering of 65 Common Snipe feeding and sunning themselves in the close cropped meadow north of the churchyard. A hedge slightly obscured my view so there could have been more, none were obviously smaller or bobbing so I doubt if there were any Jack in there.
Added by Gareth Rees at 02/01/2017 18:20

02/01/2017 at Brecon

Nine Waxwings flying between Brecon Hospital carpark and Belle Vue Gardens, Brecon, all day.
Added by Steve and Sue Wilce at 02/01/2017 15:30

02/01/2017 at The Tarell

Kingfisher, Dipper x 2, Siskin x 4, LT Tits x 6, Blue Tits - plenty, Dunnock x 2, Male Bullfinch, Robin x 2, Song Thrush, House Sparrows mixed group 10 - 12. Wren x 2.
Added by Brenda Gammons at 02/01/2017 15:21

02/01/2017 at Allt yr Esgaer slopes

From the lower slopes of the Allt, I could confirm past reports of 3 GW Egrets, 1 L Egret and 10 Grey Herons. Also 220 CGeese by the Lake, and another 105 on the Scethrog bends of the RUsk. The Allt itself provided 2 Raven, 70 Redwing, single Woodcock, and flocks of 22 Redpoll and 20 Siskin.
Added by Andrew King at 02/01/2017 14:29

02/01/2017 at Brecon

Two Waxwings flew from direction of Hospital into Belle Vue Gardens at 8.20 this morning
Added by Keith Noble at 02/01/2017 08:40

01/01/2017 at Warren Road / Llangorse Lake

Some nice birds around today. A 3rd W Herring Gull was feeding with 35 LBB at Warren Road, the Green Sandpiper was on the brook and a flock of 30 Redpoll were feeding in birch at the entrance to Ffrwdgrech Ind Est. Down at the lake a pair of Shelduck were resting in the sailing club meadow. 26 Gadwall and 22 Shoveler were in front of the hide but only 4 Pochard (3m1f). Up to 7 Water Rail were calling around the lake and 9 Snipe flushed. The gull roost included the Yellow-legged, a Common and 3 Herring including the Warren Road bird. As dusk drew in 2 GW Egret were still feeding as was the Little Egret and 5-10,000 Starling went to roost by the hide.
Added by Mark Waldron at 01/01/2017 18:37

01/01/2017 at Spread eagle fishery

90 % sure 10 whooper swans flew up river and were calling to the mutes in the field opposite. Canada's (100 plus) and 30-40 mutes have been feeding all week on corn field on other side of the river. The whoopers didn't stop just called as they went overhead,totally different sound and i heard it from way off, stopped to see what was coming. they may come back?
Added by L,M-Ames at 01/01/2017 16:17

01/01/2017 at Brecon

Mark's Waxwing at Hospital flew to Belle Vue Gardens and was joined by a second at rose hips 9.30 to 9.50.
Added by Keith Noble at 01/01/2017 09:53