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20/01/2024 at Brecon Town campuses & Leisure Centre

No sign of Waxwing(s) this morning here.
Added by Andrew King at 20/01/2024 10:40

19/01/2024 at Brecon

A Waxwing was seen and described well at the Brecon College complex opposite the leisure centre at lunch time today. It was only seen perched at the top of a bush, not feeding, and soon flew off, but it may well turn up again somewhere around town.
Added by Mark Waldron at 19/01/2024 14:59

17/01/2024 at Wye between Boughrood and Llanstephen bridges

13 Mandarin, 2 Little Grebe, 42 Mallard, pair Goosander, 31 Canada Geese, Kingfisher, 2 Grey Wagtail, 4 Dipper including one in song, 21 Blackbird.
Added by Mark Waldron at 17/01/2024 18:47

16/01/2024 at Pennorth (SO123249)

Record of a Waxwing yesterday at SO123249 along the Allt path via BIS WiReD. (SO123249)
Added by Mark Waldron at 17/01/2024 18:39

17/01/2024 at Llangorse Lake

WeBS count a/m. 20% of flood & lake frozen. 2 L Grebe, 22 GC Grebe, 5 L Egret, 5 GW Egret, 47 Mute Swan, 145 C Geese, 592 Wigeon, 38 Gadwall, 172 Teal, 187 Mallard, 26 Shoveler, 19 Pintail, (Tufted Duck - n/c, too cold!), 4m Pochard, 28+ Goldeneye including display, 30 Goosander, 15 Moorhen, 448 Coot.
Added by Andrew King at 17/01/2024 13:58

16/01/2024 at Mynydd Illtyd

40 Skylark were in a sheep field next to Mynydd Illtyd.
Added by Mark Waldron at 16/01/2024 20:23

16/01/2024 at Glasbury river Wye - Fford Fawr

WeBs Count this morning lowest duck count in a decade - all pools birdless & largely covered in ice. 14 Mallard, 7 Teal, 6 Grey Heron, 4 Cormorant, 3 Goosander and 1 Little Egret. Best by far good views of overhead Peregrine. Other birds: c200 Jackdaw, mixed flock 75 Starling, 40 Redwing and 35 Fieldfare plus 4 Pieds & 1 Grey Wagtail.
Added by Shelley Evans at 16/01/2024 15:19

15/01/2024 at Breconshire

Breconshre Birds 2022 reports now on sale at BBNP Visitor Centre on Mynydd Illtyd and at Talgarth TIC on The Square. Full list ot outlets on Home Page.
Added by Andrew King at 15/01/2024 08:53

14/01/2024 at Mynydd Illtyd / Bailihelig reservoir

WeBs count gave 62 Snipe & 98 Golden Plover inside the count area, also a Meadow Pipit and 2 Fieldfare. 20 Teal at Bailihelig Reservoir was a very good count for that location.
Added by Mark Waldron at 14/01/2024 21:25

14/01/2024 at Llangynidr

Very flighty pair of Mandarin on river at Llangynidr - possibly different to the 'tame' male that has been hanging around on canal near the village for a few years, which seems to have moved elsewhere, but it has occasionally disappeared for long periods previously. Great-spotted woodpecker drumming this morning.
Added by Graham Motley at 14/01/2024 14:05

13/01/2024 at Scethrog near junction with Pennorth road

Barn Owl on roadside then flew off
Added by Peter Seaman at 13/01/2024 21:58

13/01/2024 at Usk Reservoir / Maesmerddyn

Green Sandpiper & Grey Wagtail on the spillway. Around the woodland 13 Crossbill, a feeding group of 4 Willow Tit with a 5th bird calling near the old hide. 8 Bullfinch. Just 3 Canada, 2 Mallard & 4 Cormorant on the water. Later at Maesmerddyn, 4 Skylark, 2 Meadow Pipit, calling Green Woodpecker, 8 Stock Dove, 25 Fieldfare and 1,000 Starling that flew over at dusk presumably to roost in a conifer block on the Epynt range.
Added by Mark Waldron at 13/01/2024 20:44

13/01/2024 at Brechfa Pool (SO119377)

one very confiding Golden plover ( possibly unwell ) on the shore line at Brechfa pool, Approximately mixed flock of 300 Redwing and Fieldfare near Bronllys (SO119377)
Added by Mark Spirito at 13/01/2024 18:11

12/01/2024 at Libanus

Mixed feeding flock on weedy field by A470 with 100 Linnet, 80 Chaffinch, 50 Goldfinch, 9 Bullfinch, 9 Pied Wagtail, 2 Grey Heron, and single Meadow Pipit and Stonechat.
Added by Mark Waldron at 12/01/2024 18:38

11/01/2024 at Dyffryn Crawnon (SO092158)

5 crossbills at head of Dyffryn Crawnon (SO092158)
Added by Graham Motley at 12/01/2024 11:26

11/01/2024 at Coed Carno

2 Woodcock flushed along the main path, also a calling Marsh Tit.
Added by Mark Waldron at 11/01/2024 22:00

11/01/2024 at Talbont forest/Tor y Foel (SO109193)

circa 12 common crossbills in forestry immediately west of road/ Tor Y Foel. (SO109193)
Added by Stuart Reid at 11/01/2024 18:15

10/01/2024 at Pennorth

27 Lapwing feeding at Llanhamlach, and a Kestrel along the lane just path Pennorth.
Added by Mark Waldron at 10/01/2024 20:17

10/01/2024 at Llangasty

I saw a small white bird on the hedge alongside the Retreat at Llangasty this morning - see images in gallery. I assume its a leucistic chaffinch?. [It is Will. Well spotted. This is the third sighting (first photos) in the last two months, always on hedges close to Llan Fm & the Retreat. AK]
Added by Will Lewis at 10/01/2024 12:58

08/01/2024 at Llangorse Lake

5 Egyptian Geese happily grazing Acorn lawns this afternoon. These were probably the group seen flying NW over Llanfilo last week.
Added by Andrew King at 09/01/2024 18:44

09/01/2024 at Llanddew

17 lapwing/peewits flying north east over Llanddew this morning.
Added by John Davies at 09/01/2024 16:49

08/01/2024 at Llangorse Lake

Brief late afternoon stop to view 'South Africa' from the road: 2 male Shoveler, flock of 84 Teal, 2 male Goosander, 1 Grey Heron and 2 Great White Egret
Added by John Lewis at 08/01/2024 23:07

08/01/2024 at Llangynydir

Highlights of a lunchtime Canal and riverside walk between the Llangynydir bridge and Afon Crawnon were 4 Dipper, including one territorial pair, a redhead Goosander, a male Nuthatch and a Willow Tit.
Added by John Lewis at 08/01/2024 23:01

07/01/2024 at Talybont res

Afternoon walk at Talybont : 40 teal in shallows, 24 mallard, single female goosander, single grey heron, @150 fieldfares on first field past the shallows, kestral hunting nearby, pair of ravens over
Added by Tony & Jan Jenkins at 08/01/2024 08:10

07/01/2023 at hunting over the moorland near Maen Llia standing... (SN922187)

Hen Harrier, male. Images in gallery (SN922187)
Added by Peter Seaman at 07/01/2024 17:29