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08/03/2024 at scethrog and llangorse

2 yellow wagtails playing on the hill behind the spinney 3 corvids hanging about in the osprey oak 2 kingfisher on scethrog moat 5 greenfinch, 3 nuthatch, charm of goldfinch, 2 siskin, pheasant, 2 woodpeckers 33 curlew on llangorse common - what a delight!
Added by ellen walsh moorman at 08/03/2024 15:09

07/03/2024 at Llangorse Lake

2 adult Little Gulls east end of Lake 3.00 pm onwards, plus 5 Black-tailed Godwits flew through heading east and 12 Little Egrets flew across from west side to sooth-east side, all seen from Llangasty viewpoint.
Added by Phil Bristow at 08/03/2024 01:38

07/03/2024 at Mynydd Illtyd

Good lunchtime WeBs count today, all in the count area, 48 Snipe, 3 Curlew (6 here yesterday), 119 Golden Plover, 7 Mallard, 3 Canada Geese, 2 Grey Heron, 2 pairs Stonechat, 5 Skylark and 8 Meadow Pipit.
Added by Mark Waldron at 07/03/2024 16:00

07/03/2024 at Llangorse lake common

34 curlew on field behind new public toilets on the common
Added by Peter Seaman at 07/03/2024 08:39

06/03/2024 at Llangorse Lake

Evening visit to the common. Counted 54 Curlew roosting alongside the flooded sailing club field, which also hosted 6 Goosander and 2 Teal, 30 Mallard and 3 Little Egret. Earlier 38 of the Curlew were on the Ty Newydd farm field, along with 2 Oystercatcher, 12 Barnacl and 38 Canada Geese. Confiding singing Goldcrest by the toilet block.( two Curlew were colour ringed - both orange left and black 18 and green + yellow 58 respectively on the left) On the lake counted 153 Wigeon, 7 Goldeneye and 32 Cormorants roosting in the usual tree.
Added by John Lewis at 06/03/2024 22:16

05/03/2024 at Llangasty

2 owls flew out of tree right in front of us/our binoculars. Fran thought they looked like juveniles so not sure if Barn or Tawny. Small size, light brown/sandy fluffy. Nina thought they were Barn owls. Help please perhaps? Seen at 4.15 pm Great white egret. 3 oyster catchers.['Light brown/sandy' sound more like Barn Owl, Fran. AK]
Added by Fran Groves (with Nina Krauzewicz) at 05/03/2024 22:28

05/03/2024 at Brecon canal near Storehouse between Pencelli and...

Redpolls, feeding on alder adjacent to canal near the 'Storehouse' - see images including ring in image gallery
Added by Peter Seaman at 05/03/2024 13:38

02/03/2024 at Llagorse Common

42 Curlew at Llangorse Common, 4 were colour ringed (see gallery & ringing pages). Still just the same 10 Barnacle Geese and a single Oystercatcher.
Added by Mark Waldron at 02/03/2024 16:46

01/03/2024 at Llangorse Common

1.45pm, brief visit. From shelter of the toilet block counted 52 very jumpy Curlew in the field adjacent. Geese in there too, spooking them. Of those, 28 returned to feed a little closer. Saw that rt leg Black '18' was still present (see Gallery) as well as two rt-leg Yellow c-ring birds, and a left-leg Yellow c-ring bird but unfortunately just too distant for telescope to read precisely enough. Numbering less distinct on yellow background.
Added by Andrew King at 01/03/2024 15:19

29/02/2024 at Llanfihangel Talyllyn

Flock of about 20 Siskins in the hedgerows along the lane above Llanfihangel Talyllyn, Primroses in flower.
Added by Graham Hughes at 29/02/2024 17:09

28/02/2024 at WTSWW Coed Dyrysiog reserve, Soar

Single Woodcock flushed, 2 male Tawny Owls calling at 2pm in duet/territory challenge, and a pr Buzzard. Wye Valley yesterday: at Dderw Pool single Oystercatcher, 5 Coot, 4 Moorhen and 32 C Geese, and single Woodcock flushed by A470 at Tregaer Bridge.
Added by Andrew King at 28/02/2024 19:24

28/02/2024 at Llangorse common

48 Lapwing on the flooded sailing club meadow, 19 Curlew flying around, 8 Redpoll & 7 Goldfinch feeding on the lake margin, the Chiffchaff singing again by the footbridge and an Oystercatcher. The drake Scaup was on the Llangasty side. 10 Barnacle Gesse were in five pairs, B11 & B37 (also paired in 2023), B14 & B31 (also paired in 2022 & 2023), P25 & unringed (P25 also paired with an unringed bird in 2022 & 2023), an unringed pair, and B25 & B30 (a possible new pairing as in 2023 B25 paired with B34, and B30 paired with B21). None of these pairs bred sucessfully last year but in 2022 P25 and its unringed mate had 4 goslings and B14 & B31 had one gosling. B30 was the only one of these birds recorded during the 2023-24 winter at WWT Slimbridge 02/02/24.
Added by Mark Waldron at 28/02/2024 13:32

27/02/2024 at Llangorse Lake

10 Barnacle Geese, 2 Oystercatcher , 9 Curlew,with one on Llangasty point, 1 Drake Scaup at Llangorse Lake, quite a few local sightings recently of Woodcock, including overhead in flight
Added by Mark Spirito at 27/02/2024 12:40

26/02/2024 at Llangynidr

5 Sand Martins flying over Llangynidr following the Usk upstream today at 1720.
Added by M&w Evans at 26/02/2024 17:34

26/02/2024 at Llangorse lake

2 curlew and about 15 snipe over the lake.
Added by Peter Seaman at 26/02/2024 12:54

25/02/2024 at Llangorse Lake

Great Northern Diver at west end of Lake this morning, flew off at mid-day
Added by Keith Noble at 25/02/2024 15:22

24/02/2024 at fields near Storehouse, Pencelli

Curlew, calling in flight over fields near the Storehouse at Pencelli
Added by Peter Seaman at 24/02/2024 11:38

20/02/2024 at Tal-y-Bont Reservoir

Heron 1, great crested grebe 2 pairs, mallards, robin, cormorant 1, red-breasted merganser 1 female, goldeneye 3 pairs (males displaying), wigeon 1 male and a reed bunting.
Added by Neville Davies at 21/02/2024 20:30

21/02/2024 at Llangorse Lake

20 Curlew including Black 18 back for its sixth spring.
Added by Mark Waldron at 21/02/2024 15:48

20/02/2024 at Llangorse Lake

Late-pm from hide saw 2 Cetti's Warblers, 8 Goldeneye, 6 Shoveler, 3 GW Egrets, Little Grebe and off The Retreat field the male Scaup. Distantly, flying about the flooded Sailing Club Meadows 17 Curlew came in to roost.
Added by Andrew King at 20/02/2024 19:53

19/02/2024 at Llangorse Lake

On north shore of the lake below Tynewydd farm just before sunset: 60 Canada Goose, 2 Lapwing, 2 Great White Egret, 3 Red Kite, 1 Buzzard, 19 Magpies flying to roost.
Added by John Lewis at 19/02/2024 22:15

19/02/2024 at Grwyne Fawr

A very pale looking Stonechat ( maybe female first winter ) seen today with more regular male and females, almost looking like a Whinchat ( see images ) on the North East footpath at Grwyne Fawr reservoir, also several Crossbills
Added by Mark Spirito at 19/02/2024 20:36

19/02/2024 at Cefn esgair-carnau

Male Hen Harrier, my first here.
Added by Rob Griffiths at 19/02/2024 19:13

19/02/2024 at Mynydd Illtyd

Skylark singing once again near the mountain centre.
Added by Mark Waldron at 19/02/2024 13:28

14/02/2024 at Cathedine

A Barn owl at Heol las this evening . A kestrel at Cathedine yesterday , 3 male bullfinch at Middlewood lane , a hobby on the Allt , Mistle thrush , Song thrush , dunnock, wren , long tailed tits near the feeder.
Added by Beverley Tucker at 14/02/2024 21:08