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17/03/2024 at Llangorse Lake from the Bird Hide at Llangasty

About a dozen Sand martins flying over Llangorse lake Cettis Warbler singing lustily by the hide and showing occasionally. Great Crested Grebes starting to feel “spring-like” too
Added by Ann Gales at 17/03/2024 17:39

17/03/2024 at Scethrog

My First chiffchaff of the year
Added by Scott Larman at 17/03/2024 09:36

16/03/2024 at Llangynidr Common

My first Northern Wheatear of the year just now, in the form of a female on Llangynidr Common.
Added by Mike Warburton at 16/03/2024 08:51

15/03/2024 at Tal-y-Bont on Usk

River section - pair of goosander, chiffchaff singing, 5 red kites, buzzards, flock of 21 redwings and 5 fieldfares. Tal-y-Bont Reservoir - quiet but pair of great crested grebes, pair of little grebes, 1 heron, mallards, female goosander and a pair of teal.
Added by Neville Davies at 16/03/2024 06:14

15/03/2024 at West Of Talybont.

Canal towpath, displaying Buzzards low over the Canal, Green Woodpecker very vocal, GS Woodpecker drumming, 2 Chiffchaffs, Long Tailed Tits, Spring is Sprung!
Added by Graham Hughes at 15/03/2024 18:58

13/03/2024 at scethrog moat

1 kingfisher 5 mandarin ducks 2 gooseanders 1 lonely swan (all at different times)
Added by ellen walsh moorman at 14/03/2024 08:22

13/03/2024 at Glasbury

16 Waxwing still in poplars on Radnor side of the river in the second field from the bridge. Please don’t approach too close otherwise they stay at the top and don’t drop down to feed on the mistletoe.
Added by Mark Waldron at 13/03/2024 12:24

12/03/2024 at Pencelli (SO098902)

21 curlews on the north side of the usk feeding then circling back and forth as a flock across the river (when a large kite came near, calling) settling in the pencelli field. loads of crows about. 2 grey herons, 5 swans, 11 canadian geese, 9 mallards and a buzzard (SO098902)
Added by ellen walsh moorman at 12/03/2024 18:40

12/03/2024 at Glasbury

10 Waxwing, at 2pm ,in poplars in second field downstream of Glasbury bridge. ( North bank) Also one male Goosander on the river and four longtailed tits amongst the poplars.
Added by P and C Gorman at 12/03/2024 16:46

12/03/2024 at Llangorse lake

Brief view down over 'South Africa' from Cathedine Fawr mid-morning. 1 Pochard, 1 Mute Swan on nest, 2 male Goldeneye displaying, 4 Great White Egret, 1 Little Egret, 1 Raven displaying, 1 Mistle Thrush singing.
Added by John Lewis at 12/03/2024 15:56

11/03/2024 at Llangors lake

Evening visit to the common. 81 Curlew flew in at 17.45 to rest up on the flooded sailing club field ( a record count for me at the lake ) Also present were 3 Greylag Geese, 2 Gadwall, 9 Goosander ( 6 males), 1 Water rail, 3 Great White Egret, 1 Grey Heron, 146 roosting Jackdaw, 2 Cetti's Warbler, 1 Redwing , 2 Song Thrush in song. From the jetty, 28 Cormorant and 1 Little Egret roosting on the usual tree. [A well-timed visit John. 81 Curlew is astonishing. AK]
Added by John Lewis at 11/03/2024 22:13

11/03/2024 at Glasbury Fford Fawr

WeBs count today:a fairly quiet day - 38 Canada Goose, 12 Mallard, 6 Teal, 4 Grey Heron, 3 Curlew, 1 Cormorant, 1 Little Egret & 1 Common Sandpiper. Also 4 Red Kite 1 Buzzard plus 30 Fieldfare and 25 Starling. A scan of the poplars heading out to the count revealed 12 Waxwings clustered in the top of one but they were soon spooked by a Red Kite and not seen further despite searches in the numerous mistletoe trees (apple orchards etc) on the Brecknock side of the river.
Added by Shelley Evans at 11/03/2024 11:50

11/03/2024 at Llangorse lake

2 Redshank on the flooded meadows at Llangorse Lake, 1 singing Chiffchaff, at Llangasty
Added by Mark Spirito at 11/03/2024 15:04

11/03/2024 at Llangynidr

Two singing chiffchaff alongside the River Usk between the bridge and pumping station, small groups of redwing and fieldfare as well.
Added by Graham Motley at 11/03/2024 11:02

10/03/2024 at Llangors Lake circuit

The last WeBS count here of the winter. This morning saw 2 L Grebe, 16 GC Grebe, 29 Cormorant, just 1 Heron, 9 L Egret, 5 GW Egret, 43 Mute Swan incl possibly 2 on nests, 11 Barnacle Geese, 61 Canada Geese, 9 Greylags flew in from SE, 166 Wigeon, 2 Gadwall, 305 Teal, 58 Mallard, 11, Shoveler, 3 pr Pintail, 128 Tufted Duck, 22 Goldeneye, 3 Goosander, 1 W Rail, 12 Moorhen, 196 Coot, 2 Oystercatcher, 26 Curlew of which 4 (including 'black 18') were on Neuadd Fm fields at Llynyfi Bridge. 180 Black-headed Gulls, but no sign of the recent L Gulls or Marsh Harrier.
Added by Andrew King at 10/03/2024 23:15

10/03/2024 at Llangors.

Chiffchaff 2-4, Cetti’s Warbler 3, Water Rail 2, Reed Bunting 10+, Sparrowhawk 1, Little Grebe 2, G C Grebe c10, Goldeneye c20, Gadwall 6, Shoveler 44+, Goosander 3, Curlew 27, Lapwing 11, Oystercatcher 2.
Added by Carlton, Dawn, Ben & Elinor Parry. at 10/03/2024 19:59

10/03/2024 at Glasbury

Really nice photos Peter. I wanted to find some waxwings on mistletoe in poplars - bit of a niche ambition! - seeing how it grows in such profusion on these trees. More natural food source than the cotoneaster they seem to like best, and maybe the last berries available this late in the season?
Added by Chris Dyson at 10/03/2024 17:39

10/03/2024 at Glasbury

Waxwings were just OOC on the Radnor side! On the Brecon side: 22 Curlew, 5 Oystercatcher, several pairs of Mandarin, 12 Little Egret.
Added by Chris Dyson at 10/03/2024 12:50

10/03/2024 at Glasbury (out of county)

Been here an hour and sadly no sign of waxwings on radnor side of Glasbury bridge from 16:30 onwards.
Added by Scott Larman at 10/03/2024 16:35

10/03/2024 at Usk valley, Brynich to Brecon

Seven Chiffchaffs along the Usk from Brynich to Brecon. Three at Brecon STW were probably birds that had wintered there, but two in riverside trees near Brynich and two in Island Field were surely new.
Added by Keith Noble at 10/03/2024 16:53

10/03/2024 at Glasbury, in poplars by footpath next to Wye bridg...

Waxwings. Many thanks Chris for that prompt report. Images in gallery.
Added by Peter Seaman at 10/03/2024 14:12

10/03/2024 at Glasbury

Waxwing, 15 feeding on mistletoe in tall poplars at Glasbury Bont, 11.30.
Added by Chris Dyson at 10/03/2024 11:28

08/03/2024 at Llangorse Lake

Lunch time: Nuthatch, Tree Creeper and Goldcrest singing by the Cwy footbridge behind the lakeside cafe and 49 Curlew,11 Barnacle Geese and 2 Mistle Thrush in the field. On the flooded sailing club field were 46 Shoveler, 55 Mallard, 2 Pintail ( pair), 86 Teal, 15 Tufted Duck , 5 Goosander, 1 Lapwing , 4 Oystercatcher, 1 Great White Egret and 2 singing Reed Bunting. 170 Wigeon on main lake
Added by John Lewis at 08/03/2024 23:02

08/03/2024 at Brecon Town

15 Siskin, 12 Chaffinch and a Chiffchaff ( which sang briefly) around a feeder in Powys CC car park on Cambrian way. 2 Dippers feeding on the Usk above the bridge and a confiding male Lesser Redpoll in breeding plumage feeding in an Alder by the weir
Added by John Lewis at 08/03/2024 22:53