Sighting - 06/05/2024 at Talybont on Usk and Gilestone...

06/05/2024 at Talybont on Usk and Gilestone farm

Ospreys. Please would people wishing to observe the birds note the following: 1. there is no parking at Cross Oak, please use Talybont and walk along the towpath. 2. Please do not use the hump back access bridge by the canal side cottages for observations. The best viewing area is from the seat about 100 meters west of that bridge towards Pencelli 3. There is NO access onto the farmland there, including the track that runs from near the canal side cottages. There is a large exclusion zone around the nest which must be complied with. The birds are especially sensitive to human presence and disturbance and unfortunately yesterday, Sunday, there are reports of such behaviour. Many thanks,

Added by Peter Seaman at 06/05/2024 09:55

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