Ringing - Curlew

Curlew - 15/03/2023 at Llangorse Lake

Ring description: Yellow on right with metal below, White "53" on left.

Previously seen at Llangorse Lake 15/05/21. It wintered 21/22 and 22/23 along the Severn estuary at Guscar Rocks and Aylburton Warth which are close together on the west bank of the Severn estuary, downstream from the release point at Slimbridge. Quite a number of the surviving head-started birds winter there. This Curlew was released on 10/07/2019 at an age of 45 days after being hatched at Slimbridge as part of a programme to rescue eggs from RAF airfields where the nests would otherwise have been destroyed. This is part of the Slimbridge WWT head start programme. The idea is that these birds would stay in the Slimbridge area and add to the local breeding population.

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