Ringing - Mute swan

Mute swan - 01/06/2020 at Troll bridge llangorse Lake

Ring description: Blue Leg Tag 7CTJ

Found dead 3 days after hatching cygnets. Possible fox or mink. Cygnet and swan feathers in dried up ditch by nest and swan a little way down ditch. No mate around. [Sad news - 7CTJ has been well-reported locally for 12-13 years. Ringed originally as a cygnet at County Hall, Llandrindod Wells in October 2003, it remained around Llandod until Dec 2004. From 13/12/2007 it was regularly reported in Breconshire. On that date at Brecon Promenade, but then getting into an annual routine of sightings of over 10 years wintering on Brecon Canal Basin and breeding at Llangorse Common. No doubt it put up a strong defence defending its young, for which it has also paid the penalty. Thanks Elizabeth for reporting this here. AK]

Added by Elizabeth Curtis at 01/06/2020 20:40

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