Ringing - Curlew

Curlew - 29/02/2020 at Llangorse Lake

Ring description: Red over left knee, Black over right knee inscripted "18" in white.

This is the same bird that was present here last spring on 9 & 13.3.19. It was ringed (BTO FJ06156) at the Gann Estuary, Dale, Pembrokeshire on 20 Jan 2018 as an adult male. Full ring history as follows: 20/01/2018 Gann, Pembrokeshire, 09/03/2019 Llangorse Lake, Powys, 13/03/2019 Llangorse Lake, Powys, 31/12/2019 Gann, Pembrokeshire, 17/01/2020 Gann, Pembrokeshire, 24/01/2020 Gann, Pembrokeshire, 02/02/2020 Gann, Pembrokeshire, 03/02/2020 Gann, Pembrokeshire, 29/02/2020 Llangorse Lake, Powys.

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