Ringing - Blackcap (adult male)

Blackcap (adult male) - 12/07/2018 at Neuadd Farm, Llangasty (roadside)

Ring description: Metal ring, right leg 4L36862. ICONA MADRID ring, ringed in Spain. Details to follow, but presumably winters in Iberia or south, and possibly breeds in the Llangorse area.

Emily Durrant contacted me after finding this injured bird, hit by a car. It died overnight. Well done Emily for noticing it was ringed. Another example of how valuable it can be to check casualties/dead birds for rings. UPDATED 13/7/18 - Spanish Ringing authorities have confirmed that 4L36862 was ringed as a 1st-yr male Blackcap at Pantano de Vinuela, Periana, MALAGA on 8/11/2016. 1666 kms, 2 degs NNE, 609 days. Can only speculate that is was perhaps born somewhere in the UK in 2016, and the Malaga area may have been its migration pathway or even over-wintering area.

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