Ringing - Canada Geese

Canada Geese - 14/07/2015 at Llangorse Lake

Ring description: Birds ringed at Lake Windermere: Red colour-ring BAVK (metal 5272600) handled during the 2015 annual goose round-up at Llangorse. Also AAKN (5272613) handled. Update - both these birds still present on 20th July.

Llangorse Ringing Group: annually in late-June, the geese are rendered flightless due to moult of primary wing feathers. Rounded-up by canoe, and safely handled by licensed ringers and helpers. 550 geese this year, approx. half previously ringed, and half given new rings. Ring histories: BAVK - ringed Lake Windermere 2/7/13, then ring read by birder (Mark Waldron)telescope at Llangorse 22/11/13, then back to moult Windermere 28/6.14, then back to moult at Llangorse 28/6/15. GOOSE AAKN ; 2/7/13, ringed at Windermere, handled at moult catch-up at Windermere 28/6/14, and then handled at Llangorse catch-up 28/6/15. These two birds have presumably been travelling together, but why do they change allegiance between moult sites??

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