Ringing - Mute Swan x 4

Mute Swan x 4 - 20/12/2013 at The Groe, Builth Wells

Ring description: Blue colour-rings 7HAF, 7HTL, 7HNT and 7HAH.

Return received: both 7HAF (ZY4031) and 7HAH (ZY4029) were ringed as cygnets of a brood of 5 at Llandrindod Lake on 20th September 2010. These two remained at the lake there until at least August 2011. 7HNT was ringed as an adult at Llandrindod Lake on 11th September 2012, and 7HTL (ZY5632) as an adult male there too on 21st September 2012.

Added by Andrew King at 20/12/2013 15:57

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