Ringing - Cormorant

Cormorant - 15/08/2013 at Brecon canalside garden

Ring description: Rt leg green colour-ring SHH/left leg silver BTO ring - if I had the scope/camera I could have the number.

Juvenile. Very odd, sitting on a boulder on the lawned bank where the Muscovy and the semi-tame Mallards hang out. Not nervy at all, preening & looks fit. Have informed BTO. [Richard Clarke, Goldcliff Ringing Group (Gwent levels) has informed me that this juv Cormorant was ringed as a nestling in the nest on Denny Island, Severn Estuary on 16/6/13. One annual trip is made out to this low island between Clevedon (Avon) & Newport to ring the colony of Cormorants there. Someone else had also reported it in Brecon on the 14th August.]

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