Ringing - Siskin (male)

Siskin (male) - 24/05/2013 at Twyn-yr-odyn, Llanfilo

Ring description: Y624269. This male Siskin was ringed as a 2nd-yr at Golspie, Highland on 24th June 2012. Date suggests it might be a Scottish breeding bird. Found alive 260 days after ringing, 669 km from ringing site, direction South.

This is the other male Siskin photographed by Jon in his garden on 11th March 2013. See entry 5 rows below - the other that day was ringed at Thetford, Norfolk. These ringing returns, and that of Andy Davis' Siskin reported this week, suggest our local Njger/peanut feeds are appreciated by birds originating all across the UK.

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