Ringing - Mute Swan

Mute Swan - 08/02/2013 at Glasbury

Ring description: Orange ring 'G88' in black lettering on left leg, metal ring on right.

Present with mate. This bird was ringed as an adult male on 11/11/03 on the river Wye at Hereford (SO5039). He then remained on the Wye being recorded at Bronydd (SO2344) on 7/1/04 and 15/1/04, at Clyro (SO2143) on 21/1/04 and 25/1/04 and then finally at Glasbury (SO1840) on 4/11/04 with no further sightings until this sighting on 8/2/13. Interesting how well this bird was recorded for the first 12 months after ringing but then nothing for 8 years!

Added by Mark Waldron at 08/02/2013 14:15

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