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Entry added by: M&W Evans on Thu 11th June 20, 10:27pm Sighting location: Lower Llangynidr. Sighting date: 11/06/20
Barn Owl through our garden and then across the field to the canal just after 10pm tonight. First sighting for many months.

Entry added by: Gammons Brenda on Thu 11th June 20, 11:00am Sighting location: Llanfaes, Brecon. Sighting date: 10/06/20
Belated entry - Male Sparrowhawk in garden (briefly) Wed (10th) evening.

Entry added by: Andrew King on Wed 10th June 20, 12:13pm Sighting location: Pennorth/Llangasty walks. Sighting date: 08/06/20
'Lockdown Lapwings' update. Final situation was four first clutches in nests on stubble all failed from crows (2) or could not cope with transition by moving nest/eggs onto drills (2). These females all relaid on emerging sp barley, four nests each with four eggs. I think the earliest nest hatched, one had eggs taken by crows?, and the other two definitely hatched all 4 eggs each. So of 8+ breeding attempts, 8-12 chicks emerged in mid-May to face a host of other threats before fledging! Other recent highlights - crept up to a soc-dist 2m from a curled-up sleeping yearling Otter, in the open, in strong winds last Saturday before it slinked off into a ditch. Garden; 3 branching T Owl chicks now just flying unsteadily from oak-to-oak since Sunday. Wheezing/begging for food all night.

Entry added by: Keith Noble on Wed 10th June 20, 12:04pm Sighting location: Brecon. Sighting date: 10/06/20
Peregrine on St. Mary's this morning, and remains of Jackdaw, Pigeon and Black-headed Gull below.

Entry added by: Stuart Thomas on Wed 10th June 20, 09:18am Sighting location: Aberedw. (SO068488) Sighting date: 09/06/29
Osprey. One bird circling over River Wye then slowly soaring and drifting NE over Aberedw Hill.

Entry added by: Steve Wilce on Tue 9th June 20, 09:01pm Sighting location: Talybont. Sighting date: 09/06/20
Re Peter's House Martin image; I can't recall seeing any of the obvious light markings that are on Peter's bird on the bird I saw and I did see it up quite close. However, I could have been mistaken so the jury's out I'm afraid.

Entry added by: Peter Seaman on Tue 9th June 20, 07:07pm Sighting location: Talybont reservoir. Sighting date: 31/05/20
Query House or Sand Martin. Further to Steve Wilce's report of a Sand Martin amongst the House Martin colony at Talybont reservoir, could my image of 31st May (see gallery) in fact be a Sand Martin which I may have reported incorrectly as a abnormal plumaged House Martin? The bird I photographed was certainly joining in the nesting activity on the reservoir tower. Perhaps it was self identifying as a House Martin.[Peter - you were right first time. Abnormal leucistic HM with pale sandy wings and saddle. CF Keith's photos on Gallery from this week. AK]

Entry added by: Mark Spirito on Tue 9th June 20, 07:56am Sighting location: Bronllys. Sighting date: 07/06/20
The Lesser Whitethroat seems to of moved from its regular spot near the Bronllys roundabout, I re - found it or maybe another, approximately 500 metres further down the Afon Lyfni river on farmland, also today a Goshawk seen near Bronllys Hospital, good numbers now of Spotted flycatcher in the area, and also Siskin.

Entry added by: Steve Wilce on Sun 7th June 20, 03:15pm Sighting location: Talybont. Sighting date: 07/06/20
Nice to see the House Martins back in numbers and at various stages of nest building on the inspection tower at Talybont reservoir. Also Swifts and Swallows flying there. However, the most unusual sight was a lone Sand Martin which looked to be trying to fly into a gap in the stonework on the dam wall. It made several quite determined attempts before giving up and flying away. (Mark and Peter, it's nice of you to mention me in your posts, but I haven't photographed either of those birds this spring, so you are both well ahead of me! In addition they are both fine images of difficult subjects).

Entry added by: Andrew King on Thu 4th June 20, 07:13pm Sighting location: Llangorse Lake. Sighting date: 04/06/20
Single Common Tern, 2 Oystercatchers alarming and 50 Swifts feeding low over the water in the cold breeze.