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Entry added by: Gareth Rees on Thu 18th November 21, 06:29pm Sighting location: Llangorse lake. Sighting date: 18/11/21
At 13:30 today, from Llangasty car park, I counted 5 GW Egrets and 12 Little Egrets resting in trees at the west end of the lake. There were 28 Wigeon, 5 Shoveler and 12 Teal near the car park

Entry added by: Mark Waldron on Thu 18th November 21, 04:31pm Sighting location: Mynydd Illtyd.. Sighting date: 18/11/21
I walked up to the feeding station at the mountain centre at lunch time where a very vocal male Crossbill paused briefly in the top of the car park trees. Yesterday 164 Golden Plover were in the roost.

Entry added by: Keith Noble on Wed 17th November 21, 08:06pm Sighting location: Llangorse Lake. Sighting date: 17/11/21
Waiting by the wall at the west end I saw a Peregrine nearly catch a Woodpigeon and counted nine Little and four Great Egrets around Sailing Club Meadow. The first two Starlings arrived at 3.22, but big flocks waited until 4.00, and the greatest activity was between 4.10 and 4.20 with tens of thousands in the air. They swept into the reeds very close with a great rush of sound. A Sparrowhawk had a few tries. As I left at 4.30 a Peregrine was still cruising around. A Tawny Owl hooted near the Hide

Entry added by: Keith Noble on Tue 16th November 21, 10:43pm Sighting location: Llangorse Lake. Sighting date: 16/11/21
As we left Llangasty car park at 3.50, thousands of Starlings were heading the other way, east towards the area behind the church. From near the Hide we watched more big flocks come in and drop into the western reeds with little flying display. Ten Little Egrets and three Great flew from that end at 4.25, the Littles settling in below the Cormorants on the Crannog, the Great carrying on eastward, followed soon after by two more. On the way back a small bat flew round us and a Tawny Owl hooted near the Hide.

Entry added by: Peter Seaman on Tue 16th November 21, 03:42pm Sighting location: Llangasty, Llangorse Lake. Sighting date: 12/11/21
Tripod still not claimed. Found at Llangorse Lake, LLangasty car park. Very nice telescope tripod. Now in my safe-keeping. Please phone me on 01874 676225.

Entry added by: Gareth Rees on Mon 15th November 21, 08:41pm Sighting location: Defynnog . Sighting date: 15/11/21
A twenty minute walk between Sennybridge and Defynnog a few minutes ago gave 17 Redwing calls so a significant movement in the misty conditions.

Entry added by: Gareth Rees on Mon 15th November 21, 06:37pm Sighting location: Coelbren. Sighting date: 15/11/21
A Merlin was seen at dusk this evening. Earlier a Ring Ouzel was heard but not seen in the upper Senni valley. Yesterday evening a pre-roost flock of at least 90 Pied Wagtail gathered above Llewel

Entry added by: Mark Waldron on Mon 15th November 21, 08:45am Sighting location: Llangorse Lake. Sighting date: 14/11/21
Further to my sighting below, when I arrived at the lake yesterday I bumped in to Ruth Allen (nice to put a face to a name) and we had a nice chat including her telling me she had seen a "odd" duck near the hide. I'm not sure if it is the same duck as Ruth, but intrigued I took my time going through the raft of Tufted Duck and came across what looks like an Aythya hybrid. I sent a short video to Andrew King last night who kindly took a look and we agree that it may well be a Ring-necked x Tufted hybrid. A poor quality image is in the gallery.

Entry added by: Mark Waldron on Sun 14th November 21, 11:40pm Sighting location: Llangorse Lake. Sighting date: 14/11/21
The Starling murmuration was quite something at the lake tonight, I’ve no idea how many birds were involved but it was a lot! I watched them coming in to the reeds just west of the bird hide, but when I got back to Llangasty I could hear birds that had also gone to roost in the reeds behind the church. In with the Tufted Duck by the hide were single drake Pochard & Pintail and the 5 Scaup. 5 GW and 4 Little egrets were minimum counts with 4 GW seen at the same time between the shooting hides and the sailing club with a 5th in the eastern reeds.

Entry added by: Mark Spirito on Sun 14th November 21, 07:51pm Sighting location: Talgarth. Sighting date: 14/11/21
Woodcock seen today between Bronllys and Talgarth