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Entry added by: Rhiannon Evans on Thu 18th June 20, 08:04pm Sighting location: Entrance to Penpont Estate . Sighting date: 18/06/20
Osprey perched on a fence post

Entry added by: Graham Motley on Thu 18th June 20, 02:23pm Sighting location: Llangynidr. Sighting date: 18/06/20
unusual sight of 50 to 60 swifts feeding low down over Llangynidr - presumably pushed down from higher altitude by the low cloud conditions at the time - they then mostly spiralled ever higher on a thermal. Lots of sightings of siskins locally ...

Entry added by: Susanne Daum & Douglas Guse on Wed 17th June 20, 06:34pm Sighting location: Llangattock. Sighting date: 17/06/20
Now that the canal is so quiet (hardly any boats), plenty of grey wagtail every day, picking insects off the surface, especially in low pressure weather. (And - I know this is not about an exciting sighting or such, but so endearing - we've got a robin that comes and perches on our knees. Not toilet-trained, unfortunately ...)

Entry added by: Ruth Allen on Wed 17th June 20, 05:53pm Sighting location: Allt yr Esgair. Sighting date: 17/06/20
I don't who was most surprised, after walking up from Bwlch layby the Peacock or me? Then a mistle thrush singing in the woods. Further on I saw a lot of blue damsel flies in the field alongside Meadow brown butterflies. On the summit was a male yellow hammer and stonechat and Willow warbler.

Entry added by: Ian McQueen on Wed 17th June 20, 11:50am Sighting location: Brecon. (SN046278) Sighting date: 16/06/20
Afternoon walk around Brecon Golf Course and down the Dinas track - young tree creepers, goldcrest, Great Spotted Woodpeckers feeding you in nest, swifts, swallows and sand martins by the score! Picture of fledgling Black Caps taken on Dinas path. Glorious time of year!

Entry added by: Fran Groves on Tue 16th June 20, 01:29pm Sighting location: Pencelli. Sighting date: 16/06/20
curlew calling from Brecon & Monmouth canal area

Entry added by: Fran Groves on Tue 16th June 20, 01:27pm Sighting location: Pencelli. Sighting date: 15/06/20
curlew, circling overhead Pencelli, bubbling call

Entry added by: Andrew King on Tue 16th June 20, 10:22am Sighting location: Pennorth/Llangasty. Sighting date: 16/06/20
Spotted Flycatchers. A pair were gathering cobwebs from the rough brickwork of our bungalow today - then I noticed the base-layer of a nest on our outdoor light assembly. There has been a single bird in the garden for a fortnight or so, but a pair today was great. First nest here for years. Presumably due to them being a late migrant with widely-spread arrival dates, equally so are their nests. Two nests in Llangasty currently; one with 4 chicks only a week off fledging, and the other with a pt-cutch of 4 eggs. Interestingly the latter cupnest is new and built inside the shell of an old Blackbird cupnest, such is the competition for nest ledges. Wish them all well.

Entry added by: Fran Groves on Sun 14th June 20, 05:55pm Sighting location: Pencelli. (SN804332) Sighting date: 14/06/20
Curlew - been following their presence in this area (Pencelli) for 20+ years. 2018/19 were lean years but this year there seems to have been an explosion of their distinctive uplifting call - along River Usk Llanfrynach, Pencelli, Talybont. Have recorded many instances of hearing their call. But 13/6/20 and 14/6/20 treated to magnificent sight of 2 and 3 birds (respectively) in playful and vociferous mode (in one particular field in Pencelli)

Entry added by: Susanne Daum & Douglas Guse on Fri 12th June 20, 02:17pm Sighting location: Llangattock, by canal. Sighting date: 11/06/20
Family of bullfinches in our garden, several times over the last few days. Seem to be nesting close by.