Sighting - 04/07/2024 at Glasbury garden

04/07/2024 at Glasbury garden

Spotted Flycatcher update : pair returned to inspect last year's nest by the patio window 14th and 16th May. Some days of courting and food passing followed. Nest construction a metre from the old one began on 26th May on trellis against a wall with honeysuckle. Both birds taking part building over a couple of days. A week or so later one adult was sitting on the nest being brought food. 25th June two small chicks seen in the nest. Daily observation morning and evening showed fairly long intervals (5-10 mins) between feeds probably because insect levels are so poor this year. Most was small even when the chicks became larger, active and vocal - no wasps, bees or butterflies being caught as in 2023. One chick noticeably weaker and fed less often than the stronger one died. Remaining chick was doing well, much stretching and wing flapping exercises so getting ready to fledge over last couple of days. Then today tragedy struck in the form of a family of jays (2 adults with 2 juveniles) on the patio. I ran out chasing them off but the Spotted Flycatcher chick was taken. Both adults were clearly agitated, returning to the nest repeatedly over the next hour or so looking for the chick. Hope other nests have fared better. Seems too late to start over especially given the lack of food about but one can hope.

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