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This page is designed to track the movements of ringed birds within the County. Please complete all the fields for any ringed bird even if this bird has already been reported on this page. It is also important to supply this information to the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) who can be contacted through this link. As a result the BTO will supply the known history of the individual bird to you, if you wish, a resume can be entered as a sighting on the current sightings page. Click here to add a record to this page.

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Bird Location Date Name Ring / Tag description Comment
Mute Swan Brecon Canal Basin 27.11.07 Mark Waldron '7BSZ' previously described  
Greenfinch Garden in Pennorth 23.11.07 Andrew King Ring TB21393 on a Greenfinch. The finch panicced as a SpHawk hunted past the feeders. Flew into a window. I picked it up out of harms way, where it sat for half-an-hour before flying off. Ringed 27/7/07 at Llangorse Lake, flew into window on 28/7/07. Movement: 3kms west.
Mute Swan Brecon Canal Basin 13.11.07 Mark Waldron '7BSZ' previously described  
Grey Heron Usk - Brecon Prom. 8.11.07 Mark Waldron 'BC' previously described  
Mute Swan Brecon Canal Basin 7.11.07 Mark Waldron Blue, yellow writing '7BSZ' on right leg with metal ring on left. This is the second color ring swan in Brecon this winter period. Also with second Mute Swan without rings.
Mute Swan Brecon Canal Basin 5.11.07 Mark Waldron '7BUJ' previously described  
Mute Swan Usk - Brecon Prom. 31.10.07 Mark Waldron '7BUJ' previously described  
Mute Swan Brecon Canal Basin 30.10.07 Mark Waldron '7BUJ' previously described Courting displays with second Mute Swan
Mute Swan Brecon Canal Basin 23.10.07 Mark Waldron Blue ring on right leg with '7BUJ' in yellow writting. Metal ring on left leg. Present with another Mute Swan without rings
Grey Heron Usk - Brecon Prom. 15.10.07 Mark Waldron Yellow wing tags with 'BC' on both in black lettering. Bird confirmed as ringed on 9.4.02 at Frampton gravel pits, Gloucestershire and was a breeding bird at Old Berkeley Decoy heronry, Purton during both 2006 and 2007 seasons.