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This page is designed to track the movements of ringed birds within the County. Please complete all the fields for any ringed bird even if this bird has already been reported on this page. It is also important to supply this information to the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) who can be contacted through this link. As a result the BTO will supply the known history of the individual bird to you, if you wish, a resume can be entered as a sighting on the current sightings page. Click here to add a record to this page.

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Bird Location Date Name Ring / Tag description Comment
Racing Pigeon Brecon Tax Office 24.7.08 Mark Waldron Green ring, left leg 'GB 08 P30306'  
Red Kite SN9227 05.07.08 Andy Davis Green Tag '07' on right wing, green tag also on left wing but indistinguishable. Can anyone id from this ( photo in gallery)
Grey Heron Usk, Brecon Prom. 24.6.2008 Mark Waldron Yellow wing tag 'BC' 'BC' has been confirmed as a breeding bird in the Purton colony a couple of weeks back where most birds were sucessful breeders. All sightings of this bird have been requested by the ringer Richard Hearn - email rich_hearn (at)
Grey Heron Usk, Brecon Prom. 24.06.08 Mark Waldron Yellow wing tag 'BC' Tagging history of this bird has previously been added. If this seasons breeding info is avaliable I will post when BTO reply.
Robin Pennorth 04.04.08 Andrew King Ring no: V162957 Found dead under a bungalow window. Ringed as an adult in another Pennorth garden just 40 metres away, on 24th November 2007. Still within its home range.
Mute Swan Llangasty 6.5.08 Mark Waldron Blue ring '7EHB'  
Mute Swan Brecon Prom Boat House 22.1.08 Mark Waldron X2769 The metal ring 'X2769' is a female that was ringed as a nestling on 18.10.98 at Acton Bridge, Northwich, Cheshire a distance of 160km away. Only other sighting was at Clyro on 21.1.04.
Mute Swan Brecon Canal Basin 21.4.08 Mark Waldron Blue 7CTJ Present with mate
Mute Swan Brecon Canal Basin 06/04/08 Keith Noble 7CTJ with mate
Mute Swan Brecon Canal Basin 1/4/08 Mark Waldron Blue ring '7CTJ' previously described Present with mate
Mute Swan Brecon Various dates Mark Waldron Blue '7BUJ' and '7BSZ' Ringing history: 7BSZ was ringed on the Canal Basin at Brecon on 19th September 2001 as a breeding female paired to an unringed cob with two cygnets, one of which was 7BUJ which was caught and ringed the same day. 7BUJ was subsequently recorded on 4th Dec 2003 at Llowes and on 15th Jan 2004 at Maesllwych, Clyro as a territorial male he was a pair/nestsite at Scethrog in 2005 and 2006 but nest flooded out on both occasions. 7BSZ reared 2 cygnets in 2001, 0 in 2003, 4 in 2004 and 1 in 2005. In 2004 and 2005 she was paired to BLUE 7DZS but it looks as if he is no longer around.
Mute Swan Brecon Canal Basin 28.1.08 Mark Waldron Blue '7CTJ' Ringing history: 7CTJ was ringed on 6th October 2003 as a cygnet one of two on Llandrindod Wells Lake (although the pair actually nested on the small pool in front of County Hall). It was last recorded at Llandrindod on 3rd September 2004
Mute Swan Brecon Canal Basin 28.1.08 Mark Waldron Blue '7BSZ'  
Mute Swan Brecon Canal Basin 24.1.2008 Mark Waldron '7BSZ' blue ring, previously described  
Mute Swan Usk - Brecon boat house 22.1.2008 Mark Waldron Metal ring on right leg (no colour ring) X2769 Reported to BTO
Mute Swan Brecon Canal Basin 31.12.07 Mark Waldron '7BSZ' previously described  
Mute Swan Brecon Canal 24.12.07 Mark Waldron Blue ring '7BSZ' previously described  
Greenfinch Pennorth 23 August 2007 Andrew King TB21391. Found dead under Chapel window. Ringed as an adult at Llangasty on 27 July 2007. Travelled 3 km.
Mute Swan Usk - Brecon Prom. 13.12.07 Mark Waldron Blue ring '7CTJ' This is the 3rd ringed bird I've seen pass through Brecon this winter. Each time they've been with a second bird without rings. These birds are ringed by the WWT but nothing else is yet known.
Great Tit Breconshire Peregrine eyrie 14/11/2005 South Wales Peregrine Monitoring Group A551592 ring found below Peregrine roost This bird was ringed on 27/10/1979 at Llanbedr, Crickhowell.