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This page is designed to track the movements of ringed birds within the County. Please complete all the fields for any ringed bird even if this bird has already been reported on this page. It is also important to supply this information to the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) who can be contacted through this link. As a result the BTO will supply the known history of the individual bird to you, if you wish, a resume can be entered as a sighting on the current sightings page. Click here to add a record to this page.

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Bird Location Date Name Ring / Tag description Comment
Canada Goose Llangorse Lake 26/01/22 Mark Waldron 5287975 Ringed at the lake by the Llangorse Ringing Groups in their 2019 roundup.
Blackbird Llangasty car park 07.01.22 Mark Waldron LB21902 This bird was recorded in the same location in December 2020. Please see below.
Mute Swan Crannog, Llangorse Lake 03.01.22 Mark Waldron Metal ring, right leg, "Z43794". Still at the crannog.
Mute Swan Crannog, Llangorse Lake 27.12.21 Mark Waldron Metal ring, right leg, "Z43794". This bird was ringed by the Llangorse Ringing Group in January 2012 and is only one of two Mute Swan's ringed by the group since 1990.
Common Starling Peregrine eyrie near Sennybridge Ring found 7/11/21 Richards/King A821923. This Starling had been ringed as a nestling at Kymenlaakso, Kymi, FINLAND on 22/5/2020. Ring found by metal detector under a Peregrine ledge, as part of a long-term study into Peregrines in SE Wales. Probably taken as prey during winter 20/21 on its first winter visit to Wales. This is the 14th Starling from the Baltic countries recovered at Peregrine sites by this method over the last 30 yrs.
Barnacle Geese Lydney Harbour, Gloucs 05/09/21 Andrew King 8 geese together on mud-banks showing the colour combinations of rings for Llangorse birds, individual numbers provided. The Lydney sighting prompted a good look through the 200+ at Slimbridge WWT to find that most of the Crannog birds are there.
Barnacle Geese Crannog, Llangorse Lake 11/08/21 Mark Waldron Blue rings B06 & B38 on left, grey ring over metal ring on right. 6 adults and 3 juv's present including these two ringed individuals.
Barnacle Geese Llangorse Lake/Common 18/07/21 Andrew King Blue c/r on left leg, and combo of BTO metal ring/grey unnumbered ring on rt leg. 46 adults and nr-full grown goslings were colour-ringed today. Two pairs with very young goslings at foot were not gathered due to trampling risks. This is part of a UK-wide study into these feral breeding flocks. The Llangorse breeding flock are only present March-August but it is not known where they originate or winter. Any sightings of these geese (especially from Sept 2021) across the UK would be welcome to help solve the mystery.
Great Spotted Woodpecker Llangasty, Llangorse Lake 15/05/2021 Mark Waldron Metal ring "LK11108". This female was ringed by the local ringing group on 05/05/2021.
Red Kite Libanus 17.05.21 Mark Waldron Black left tag, blue right tag, "85". Metal ring number GC95713. BTO reports this bird was ringed as a nestling on 24/06/2010 near Sennybridge. This is the first reported record since then.
Curlew Llangasty, Llangorse Lake 15/05/21 Mark Waldron White “53” / Yellow This Curlew was released on 10/07/2019 at an age of 45 days after being hatched at Slimbridge as part of a programme to rescue eggs from RAF airfields where the nests would otherwise have been destroyed. This is part of the Slimbridge WWT head start programme. The idea is that these birds would stay in the Slimbridge area and add to the local breeding population, however, now the birds are 2 years old and entering their first breeding season, three of the 50 released birds have been found as far away as Derbyshire and now Llangorse. After it's release it was noted in the Slimbridge area in July and November 2019 but this is the first report since.
Oystercatcher Llangasty, Llangorse Lake 20/04/2021 Mark Waldron Left leg - metal above knee, single blue below knee. Right leg - single blue above knee, orange above black below knee. Ringed on 18/01/2020 it was then only recorded on Southampton Water at Royal Pier on 23/01/2020, Cracknore Head on 24/01/2020 and Dibden Bay on 19/03/2020. It was seen again at Dibden Bay this spring on 26/03/2021. The ringing team comment that this bird was ringed as 1st winter bird ie hatched in 2019 so prob summered in Southampton last year and is now heading back to try to breed for first time this summer.
Curlew Llangasty, Llangorse Lake 20/04/2021 Mark Waldron Red / Black 18 See below...
Curlew Llangasty, Llangorse Lake 18/04/21 Mark Waldron Red / Black 18 Please see history below...
Curlew Llangasty, Llangorse Lake 13/04/2021 Mark Waldron Red / Black 18 See record below.
Curlew Llangorse Lake 19/03/2021 Mark Waldron Red / Black "18" Back for at least its third spring. It was ringed (BTO FJ06156) at the Gann Estuary, Dale, Pembrokeshire on 20 Jan 2018 as an adult male. Full ring history as follows: 20/01/2018 Gann, Pembrokeshire, 09/03/2019 - 13/03/2019 Llangorse Lake, 31/12/2019 - 03/02/2020 Gann, Pembrokeshire, 29/02/2020 - 07/03/2020 Llangorse Lake, 06/11/2020 - 08/02/2021 Gann, Pembrokeshire.
Curlew Llangorse Lake 16/03/21 Keith Noble Red on left leg, black with white on right leg Looks like 3E which was seen here on 23/03/20
Blackbird Llangasty car park 06/12/20 Mark Waldron Metal LB21902. This is a Llangasty local bird - It was fledged in 2017, ringed by the Llangorse Ringing Group on 10/8/17 and retrapped 25/10/17. No word of it since!
Mute swan Conwy castle 6/8/2020 Ryan Mottram Blue darvic ring 7JAC , MIX FLOCK OF GREENS AND BTO AND BLUE FROM CHESHIRE AND WALES . 7JAC 54 swans on site inc black swan 7am There was a couple of green Cheshire rings in the mix and also a welsh bto and four more blue rings welsh , and 1 blue from Cheshire.
Mute swan Troll bridge llangorse Lake 21/05/2020 Elizabeth Curtis Blue Leg Tag 7CTJ Found dead 3 days after hatching cygnets. Possible fox or mink. Cygnet and swan feathers in dried up ditch by nest and swan a little way down ditch. No mate around. [Sad news - 7CTJ has been well-reported locally for 12-13 years. Ringed originally as a cygnet at County Hall, Llandrindod Wells in October 2003, it remained around Llandod until Dec 2004. From 13/12/2007 it was regularly reported in Breconshire. On that date at Brecon Promenade, but then getting into an annual routine of sightings of over 10 years wintering on Brecon Canal Basin and breeding at Llangorse Common. No doubt it put up a strong defence defending its young, for which it has also paid the penalty. Thanks Elizabeth for reporting this here. AK]