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This page is designed to track the movements of ringed birds within the County. Please complete all the fields for any ringed bird even if this bird has already been reported on this page. It is also important to supply this information to the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) who can be contacted through this link. As a result the BTO will supply the known history of the individual bird to you, if you wish, a resume can be entered as a sighting on the current sightings page. Click here to add a record to this page.

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Bird Location Date Name Ring / Tag description Comment
Mute Swan Llangorse Lake 24/05/20 Andrew King Metal BTO ring ZY5636. No colour-ring present. One of two dead swans at Llangasty. This bird has lost its colour-ring 7HTN between late-2014 and its death in May 2020. 7HTN was seen and reported on this blog by several observers at Llangorse Lake in April, May, July, August and October 2014 but not since. 2770 days, 37 kms SSE.
Lesser-black Backed Gull Libanus 07.05.20 Mark Waldron White K=Z, ring number GV43952. Feeding on plough with 55 LBB and a Herring Gull. The ringing group have confirmed this is a second summer female ringed in Cardiff on 09/10/2018. They also comment that this is the time for 2nd summer LBB’s to take a look-see at possible breeding places. She won’t be breeding this season, but there is a very good chance she will in 2021.
Curlew Llangorse Lake 23/03/2020 Mark Waldron Red / Black "3E" Curlew NW(3E), was ringed with BTO FJ23829 at Llanrhystud, Ceredigion as a 1st year on 19/11/2017 and hasn't been recorded since. It is now of breeding age and may be intending to breed locally? An interesting set of records from Llangorse is now accumulating, and the dates imply that the site maybe important as a pre-breeding feeding/roosting area for local birds. Hopefully, with the increased level of interest in curlew, presence on nearby breeding grounds will be confirmed at some point.
Feral Pigeon Brecon 04/03/2020 Mark Waldron C+353868146451 Presumed racing pigeon ring under St Mary's church tower.
Curlew Llangorse Lake 07/03/2020 Mark Waldron Red / Black "9A" This bird was ringed with BTO FJ23657 as a chick on 04/07/2017 at Ireland Moor, c20km N of Llangorse. This bird is now old enough to breed, and is likely to do so fairly locally. This is the first resighting since ringing.
Curlew Llangorse Lake 07/03/2020 Mark Waldron Red / Black "18" Still present.
Curlew Llangorse Lake 03/03/20 Keith Noble Red ring on upper part of left leg. I think this was Black 18 but I did not have good view of the right leg.
Curlew Llangorse Lake 29/02/20 Mark Waldron Red over left knee, Black over right knee inscripted "18" in white. This is the same bird that was present here last spring on 9 & 13.3.19. It was ringed (BTO FJ06156) at the Gann Estuary, Dale, Pembrokeshire on 20 Jan 2018 as an adult male. Full ring history as follows: 20/01/2018 Gann, Pembrokeshire, 09/03/2019 Llangorse Lake, Powys, 13/03/2019 Llangorse Lake, Powys, 31/12/2019 Gann, Pembrokeshire, 17/01/2020 Gann, Pembrokeshire, 24/01/2020 Gann, Pembrokeshire, 02/02/2020 Gann, Pembrokeshire, 03/02/2020 Gann, Pembrokeshire, 29/02/2020 Llangorse Lake, Powys.
Curlew Llangorse Lake 26/02/20 Mark Waldron Red on left leg, Black on right leg with white inscription. Probablt Black 18 that was here last spring?
Red Kite Defynnog 26/01/2020 Mark Waldron Black tag with white underscore “36”. Ring Number: GR19789 This bird was ringed as age nestling, sex unknown on 11-Jun-2011 at a confidential site near Sennybridge. 3151 days after it was ringed, 0 km from the ringing site, this was the first report of this tagged bird!!!
Starling Libanus 18/01/20 Mark Waldron Metal ring ARNHAM.VT HOLLAND L471240. Also present on 12, 19, 23, 25, 26 & 29/01 and 1/2/20. This bird was ring on 06/07/17 at Parnassiaweg, Bloemendaal, Noord-Holland, Netherlands, as a bird that had hatched that year. This was the first recovery since it was ringed.
Mute Swan Brecon Canal Basin 04.01.20 Mark Waldron Blue 7CTJ Still present with mate. (And on 8/1/20 - VAK) and 1/2/20.
Mute Swan Brecon Canal Basin 29/12/2019 Mark Waldron Blue 7CTJ Present with mate.
Tufted Duck Llangorse Lake 16.11.19 Mark Waldron Light blue nasal saddle "FCP". Still present.
Tufted Duck Llangorse Lake 10.11.19 Mark Waldron Light blue nasal saddle "FCP". This duck was ringed at Saint Philbert de Grand Lieu near Nantes in western France on 18/12/18 at age 1A (Ringed in the year it hatched). It was also recorded there on 09/01/19. This is the second autumn in a row a Tufted Duck from this scheme has been recorded at Llangorse Lake.
Mute Swan Llangasty 21/09/19 Carlton, Dawn and Ben Parry and Jerry Lewis Blue darvic 71LF, std metal ring on other leg. Ringing details supplied - see below.
Mute Swan Llangorse Lake, Llangasty 23.09.19 Mark Waldron Blue "7IPE" Also present here on 9.8.19. The blue darvic ring is very worn and hard to read.
Mute Swan Llangorse Lake, Llangasty 15.09.19 Mark Waldron Blue 7ILF - still present. See below - ringed at Llandrindod Lake in September 2016.
Mute Swan Llangorse Lake, troll's bridge 15.09.19 Mark Waldron Blue 7CTJ With mate.
Mute Swan Llangorse Lake, Llangasty 11/09/19 Mark Waldron Blue 7ILF Ringed as a male cygnet at Llandrindod Lake on 14th September 2016.