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Sighting Location

Entry added by: Sian Williams on Wed 17th February 21, 04:42pm Sighting location: Pontgwilym Farm . (SO048301) Sighting date: 17/02/21
Wander around groves. Spotted dipper, lots of chaffinch, a tree creeper. Amazed to see large flock of Lapwing in field (Pontgwilym Farm), in amongst crows. Able to count this time, approx 170. Fits with Alan’s description of earlier location. New to birdwatching, so wondering if such large group usual? Location grid ref is of vantage point. [Sian; February can provide decent counts as birds return towards breeding areas. This flock is >double what we might expect. Recent cold weather will have pushed them west to Welsh coast/Ireland? and now with the thaw they will be heading inland or north again. AK]

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(51.96079156005, -3.3856887320998)

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Six figure string: SO048301
Converted to OS Grid Ref: (304800, 230100) - SO048301
Converted to Lat/Long: (51.96079156005, -3.3856887320998)